Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's tomorrow!

Oh no! Tomorrow! The Tans are leaving! It suddenly struck me that I'm gonna miss them. Though I know them only for about a year plus but it seems like a long time. :) Here are my personal messages to you.

Christle Clare
Clare, I'm definitely gonna miss your company in cg. So far, you've been my cg pal week after week, even in bible class. Appreciate that. Will be missing your high-pitched laughter too :) Not many ppl can do that you know. It's a talent, keep it and use it well. :) And the way you say "HEY Stacey", hehe.
Lastly, I'm gonna miss your presence in cg/church.

Belle, Belle, you're definitely one-of-a-kind type of person, random at times haha. A good-natured person and has a bubbly character. Gonna miss you :)

A person who has a face of an angel, like Gabriel (I'm serious) hehe. Talented in dancing and has a friendly personality. Gonna miss you too :)

Your face so cute la! You have that "younger brother" kind of face. An enjoyable person to be with. :)

I've got Joooy! :) Gonna miss your lame jokes missy. Such an obedient and good girl too. :)

Well, to wrap it up, I'm gonna miss all of you! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Something to ponder on

I just read a devotional passage from this book called "Beauty is Soul Deep" and I felt that this passage is very relevant to every christian girl. Here's what it says:

"Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised"

Proverbs 31:30

Constantly I hear about another girl at my school or church who is struggling with an eating disorder. Even if she hasn't taken it to an extreme level, it's still a major concern.

We all desire to have confidence in ourselves. But many girls believe they can only have confidence in themselves with a thin physique, which is how an eating disorder can start.
(I definitely don't have that problem as you can see)

I wish girls would understand how God views them and would place their confidence in Him.
Then girls might not struggle with eating disorders and so many other heartbreaking things. I'm convinced that the best cure would be placing all of our happiness and joy in Christ instead of in ourselves.

A verse that I came across recently was Proverbs 31:30
(as shown above). God continues to teach me that fearing Him is essential. It's the key to true beauty!

Having the right attitude of reverent fear toward God is the only way I'l receive His best for me in life. He is most glorified when I'm most satisfied in Him.

Though I may not be the person she'd mentioned on having eating disorders, I have to admit that sometimes I do put physical beauty of more importance than inner beauty. Thus, after reading this passage, I'm convinced to enhance and prioritize my inner beauty instead of physical.

And I hope you girls out there can grasp this understanding with me.

Just a lil' quote which may be familiar to some of you.

"Beauty ain't in the eyes of the beholder, but in the eyes of the Creator"

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Such randomness

I've got a sudden feeling that my blog's boring. Is it true? Are my posts getting boring-er each time? I think my blog's losing readership already. Not much of activity in my blog, rite?

Somehow, I sound like I"m talking to myself. Am I ok?

Is it because I stay at home too much and find myself bored, so I use my blog as a second person?

Do you think so?

Should I delete this post?

And btw, there's no interesting movies this month huh besides Pirates. I still have 2 free passes but I just can't find a suitable movie to watch. Anybody has any movie to recommend?

Why did I change the topic all of a sudden?

I told you I was random...didn't I?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Watch it again

I can't help posting this video again.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Last day of work (Woohoo...or Boohoo..?)

Such an emo day...

I never thought I would felt this way when I leave the company. Part of me wants to stay and the other part of me wants to leave...and I chose the latter. Well, goodbye is always the hardest thing to say, ain't it?

My colleagues, though I do not know them very well, treated me with Japanese food during lunch today. Took tonnes of pictures (mostly random) and took a video which lasted for 20 minutes.
Had no last words for them, couldn't think of any either. Went one round in the office and shook everybody's hand except for the first person (I only realised that after I got into the car).

My colleagues. From L-R: Me, Peggy, Yee Wei, Neo and Chok

I will miss them.

Anyways, tomorrow I'm back to holidays! Now that's WOOHOO!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Watch this!!

You guys have to watch this movie man! It's super cool and funny! That's if you understand both Mandarin and Hokkien haha.

And check out this blog!

This lady is one of the actresses in the movie and she speaks Hokkien most of the time. She's so cool!! Haha!

To those Hokkien ppl out there, don't miss it!

(Btw, lao zha bor means old lady.)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

More than I could say... lazy to blog these days...nothing really interesting happened on)
(Sorry, the first post is R-rated, so please by all means make sure you're 18 and above.)
During lunch, 3 staffs from GSC (Golden Screen Cinemas) sat around in a table at Kopi Time Cafe in Atria shopping mall. This was one of their conversations...

Staff 1&2 : Bla bla bla bla..(speaking in Mandarin)
Stacey : Actually, I'm learning Mandarin now (out of the blue)
Staff 1 : Oh, you're learning Mandarin now?
Stacey : Yea...
Staff 1 : So you know how to speak mandarin?
Stacey : I know a bit la... Before learning, I knew how to listen already. Just that my
speaking is not so good.
Staff 2 : So you know what we're talking about la?
Stacey : Err..a bit la.
Staff 2 : You know what is "ML"?
Stacey : Huh? *puts on a blur look*
Staff 2 : You donno ar?
Stacey : *shakes head*
Staff 2 : Man Love
Stacey : *puts on a blurrer look*
What's in mandarin?
Staff 2 : Chuo ai
Stacey : *lol* Ohhhh...


I've been thinking during lunch today of when to leave something meaningful for my colleagues before I leave the company. Just then, the opportunity came...
Due to an excess of time after lunch, they'd decided to do some "window shopping". Just as we were walking, we passed by Glad Sounds' stall at the ground floor. I then decided to walk towards it and check some of their stuff with an intention to know my colleagues' reaction seeing me standing at the stall.

Just as they're about to walk away, they noticed me walking out from Glad Sounds and my colleague started asking if I'm a Christian. I said yes and little did I knew that my other colleague is also Christian who hasn't been going to church for quite sometime. So, the conversation prolonged until we arrived at our office. We talked about Christianity along the way as we walked. I have to admit I must've said more than a thousand words today... :)

I couldn't help smiling to myself as we talked and walked. Finally, I thought to myself, I did and started something, something really purposeful before I leave this company.

And I'm happy that a seed has been planted in my office. Not only that, I'm even happier to know that my other colleague who is a very good friend of hers is a Christian and definitely hope she'll continue the work which has been started.

Jesus, You just made my day!

Praise The Lord!