Friday, July 25, 2008

Running out of Korean phrases

Sorry for the long absence from blogging. To be honest, I feel quite lazy to post already about Korea, but as promised I shall do it nevertheless.

DAY 3 Jeju Island

A continuation from the previous Korea post. We had Ginseng Chicken for dinner. HMMMM..!! Simply good!


Upon arrival, we headed to Yongdusan Park, which was nothing much.
Then, we went to the biggest seafood market in Korea called the Jagalchi Market.

Sotong anyone?

Still up for unagi? :)


I don't know what this is. Er... intestines?

After that, was Cheongseongdae Observatory, the oldest existing astral observatory in Asia.
The toilet as it is.

The astral tower

Food again! AHAHA!

That was it for that day. We also went to some temple la but I didn't feel like mentioning it here and besides, we didn't go in also.

So, yea... till I feel like posting again! Haha! :p

p/s: I'm so bad to leave my readers half-hanging... Well, coming next... exiting places and adventures! :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I turned 20 today

It's easy to remember birthdays nowadays with reminders everywhere if you're always on the internet.

There're FACEBOOK, FRIENDSTER, BIRTHDAY REMINDER...? and so many others.

SO just in case you forget a friend's birthday, they have these devices to remind you in your inbox.

Well, on another note, I asked a friend once on her 20th birthday this year if she feels 20. She couldn't answer me.

Now, I understand why myself, especially if you don't even look like one.

You can say that I'm like 20 year old trapped in a 15 year old body.

Hey, I have others who commented that I looked 12 ok! So not funny lor...

What's really funny is the fact that I have mixed feelings about being my actual age. A small part of me enjoys looking younger than my actual age and a bigger part of me just wanna scream out the words "I'M OLDER THAN YOU THINK I AM!"

There's a saying nevertheless, that AGE IS JUST A NUMBER.

And just for the record, I'm 20. This year. Not 5 years later.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


You'll should know what it means right? If you don't, it means "thank you".

So, as a continuation as of yesterday or day before...


After lunch, we headed to some korean village which I've forgotten the name. Ah, I think I remember. It was where we bought some health products. From what I remember, the people in this village do not have pharmacy or clinic in their area. They just depend on their own medicine to get well. Their own-made honey and tea.

The houses in which they stay in

Then, we went to Cheonjiyeon Falls where a legend is derived from it.

We proceeded to the Teddy Bear Museum which exhibits everything about Teddy Bears. From the cutest to the most expensive.

Teddy Bears in their sleigh

Astronaut Teddy Bears

My dad with "The Beattles"

This is cute. :)

The most expensive Teddy Bear, wearing branded stuff.

The Mona Lisa Teddy Bear

Then, we went to the Chocolate Castle and took a photo of this --->

My father thought they were tomatoes. Came to the chocolate factory to take picture of tomatoes, capsicum I mean. Lol.

That's all for today!

p/s: Off to another place and more sightseeing.

Monday, July 14, 2008

muchi muchi ipoyo

It means "very beautiful". This post is for Korean drama fans...


We visited Seongsan Ilchulbaong Peak for a spectacular view.

There we climbed the massive amount of steps just to get to the top. Starting from here.

And saw this big rock along the way.

And more steps.

Finally after a gazillion steps, I arrived at the top. So many words in Korean but it only takes one word to explain in English.."DANGER". It was an accomplishment to climb so high in which not many ppl can but a disappointment to find nothing at the peak. No view, nothing. Parents were smart enough to rest halfway and not continue. Bleh.

The view as we walked down the hill.

Then we proceeded to Seopjikoji where it became a popular Korean drama shooting site after the shooting of the drama "All In". Those who watched the drama should know. The row of houses above are like holiday homes facing the sea. Interesting.

On the way up to the shooting site.

The church which was rebuilt after being destroyed by either a monsoon of tsunami (forgot already) was a scene for shooting the drama "All In". It was named after the drama.

Two brave Korean aunties posing at the volcanic rock.
Salute them.

I just had to la ----->

Dark skinned pork for lunch. Mmmmm...!! The skin only dark la, not the flesh! Silly!

That should be enough for today.
Oh, did I mention that I got sunburnt? YES, I GOT SUNBURNT! while climbing up the mountain to the peak.On both my shoulders. STUPID. Of all places...KOREA. Two dark patches on my shoulders now. :(

Coming up next: More sightseeing and teddy bear lovers :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Hello! I'm back from Korea! I'll let the pictures do the talking...


Since our flight was in the midnight, our tour only started the
second day where we arrived at Incheon Airport and were transferred to Jeju Island, the popular paradise for honeymooners.

We visited the Yongduam Dragon Head Rock,a volcanic rock created from an eruption about 2 million years ago. The rock right in the middle is said to resemble a dragon's head. Do you think so?

Then I saw this weird looking fish which reminds me of a cow because of its colour. And I just had to take a photo of it. It looks kinda scary huh.

This was our room at Jeju Island. The moment we stepped in, we had the shock of our lives. Neither of us expected the room to be like that. The following pictures will explain.

We had to put an extra layer of mattress on the floor to make it more comfortable for us.

There were no chairs or sofas around so we had to sit on the cabinet. It was so low that it served like a place to sit.

The sittable table

Dinner at Jeju Island.

This was the end of our 1st day tour at Jeju Island. I'll update on the next day tomorrow and so on.

You must be wondering if we had a good sleep that night. Surprisingly, it wasn't too bad. My body did not ache but we weren't used to sleeping on the floor so we requested for beds the next day hehe. It was an experience though!

p/s: The next post is for all Korean drama fans!