Monday, October 27, 2008

Stop bugging me!

Still having that headache I was talking about few minutes ago. This should be a short post.

Anyways, I had a call from someone while I was taking a nap this afternoon. She sounded so much like Chu Yueh, I talked to her as if it was her like "Hi!" in a happy tone. I bet she could hear that my voice sounded like I was talking to a friend on the other line. Then everything changed. While I was still wondering why she (Chu Yueh) would call me (and I thought it was church stuff), she introduced her self as someone from TrueSpa. The spa related to True Fitness. She later told me that I was recommended by Cheryl Poo to go for a free one-day trial of any 3 treatments offered. All of which I had forgotten or wasn't paying attention. Immediately, upon hearing that, my tone changed. I began to talk with disinterest and even gave an excuse that I'm not free this week. She replied saying she'll check if there's any slot next week and will call me if she could arrange that. In my head I was already thinking of avoiding the call if she really called. You have no idea how many times these gym people have been calling me. Thanks to the smarty-pants, I've been bugged by 3 gyms so far. Fitness First called, Celebrity called and now, True Fitness. Do I look like I need the gym??(Don't answer that)

I felt like killing Cheryl after that. The best part is, she told me she had purposely allowed the Spa people to mention her name, thought it could be fun. For old times' sake she claims.

I say, that girl really needs some spanking. For old times' sake.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Love 'em, hate 'em

Do you know of anyone whom you can love at one point in time and hate that person at the same time? Sometimes when things are going smoothly, everything seems to be fine, you both are laughing together but sometimes when things aren't going well, you fight, you argue who's right and wrong and they drive you up the wall over something quite petty but is important to either of us. It's just funny how people relate to one another. It's a love-hate relationship. It hurts even more when they bring it up after a long time. I rather not listen to it.

But then again, I have learnt to forgive and eventually forget. Not easy, I know, even when it has happened a gazillion times and it is by no means my fault. Like what the Bible said, forgetting what lies behind and looking to what is ahead.

Ok, I admit I did feel a little ( or maybe more) hurt when these things happen but somehow... I don't know why... I just let it go, thought it hurts somewhere inside. It works though, everything would go back to normal, like how it used to be. These kind of relationships are suffering but they can't be broken.

Somebody else is giving me a headache now. I better go or he'll be in my next post.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I shall blog

Law is tough. I think I need tuition for all my subjects. Surprisingly, I enjoy studying Land Law, not that I'm good at it but it's quite interesting to study land. Difficult but interesting. I find it hard to understand this irony too. I came to this conclusion only after sitting for the first Land Law test this morning. Land, for many people are supposed to be boring and bulky and not as 'interesting' as the other few subjects. After the test today I felt that I didn't know how to answer the question even if I studied the whole textbook and memorised every point of law. (I did not do that if you're wondering) Well, I think it's safe to say that Land Law is nice to study but not nice for answering an exam question.

Right, apart from all randomness in the above, I shall speak on something not-so random. I promised myself that I would blog if someone had left a message on the chatbox after my long absence. I have tried persuading myself to blog everyday on whatever event that is happening in my life but somehow, somewhere, somewhat, I just couldn't bring myself to type a word. The problem is that whenever I'm inspired to type something, it is always the wrong timing, like I would already be in bed, getting ready to sleep or when I'm outside and the computer is far from reach. Yes, this might sound like a very bad excuse for not updating my blog, especially to those avid bloggers out there. I must also admit that one of the very reasons why I didn't want to simply blog about something is because I'm intimidated by the other blogs that I read. I would be very conscious about my English. And I would always be envious of those who can type very well. Then again, you would say, I must not care about what others think of my English, it is after all my blog and my style of blogging. (See, I know what's in your mind) Well, you are right, but... that is something that I admit is my own doing.

So, what am I trying to say here, hmm... I'm not sure too. I'm just confused if I should continue blogging everday cos I know I cannot give any promises here. It'll end up being useless. Eventually, all promises cease to be fulfilled in my case here. What I can do basically, is.. to... (I'm thinking while I type) er... blog whenever I have the free time:) That would be best for me. For now.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Something interesting...

Just surfing randomly on the internet with my name and I stumble upon this...

Top facts about the name Stacey Tang

Did you know that Stacey Tang is...
  1. Modestly envoweled
  2. Yecats Gnat backwards
  3. Aceystay Angtay in Pig Latin
  4. 01010011 01110100 01100001 01100011 01100101 01111001 00100000 01010100 01100001 01101110 01100111 in binary code?
  5. People with this first name are probably: Female. So, you are constantly overcharged for beauty products.
Three things you didn't know about Stacey Tang

Did you know that Stacey Tang...

1. Translates to the number 7 in numerology. If it wasn't bulls**t, it would mean
that you are spiritual, eccentric, and a bit of a loner. Introspective and
analytical, you think deeply and preferseclusion.
2. Has the Tyrannosaurus Rex as their Power Animal
3. Shares their name with a guesstimated 35 Americans?

See more at www.IsThisYour.Name

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