Thursday, March 19, 2009

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It just dawned upon me that I've been wasting my time in my second year of uni. I haven't been doing what I'm supposed to do (besides studying)! I sometimes pray for opportunites to come by but unfortunately they don't come often. And even when they do, I'm most of the time caught unprepared and often blurt out something not really pleasant to the other party.

I'm talking about sharing the Good News by the way. It's almost a whole year in Year 2 and I'm still mixing with my own group of friends! I was just thinking about it, about how selfish I am! I've wasted half the year (studying!) and not sharing the Gospel that (changed) or rather mould my life into what I am today. Without Him, I'm nothing. I once said that "it's harder to not be a Christian than to be one." That kinda attracted someone's attention and when I had the opportunity to explain my statement, I sort of ruined it. I wasn't prepared.. I said something I wasn't supposed to say. It just happened today.. And this morning, I read a chapter in the Bible about not stumbling our non-Christians friends. And it happened after that. How ironic.

Hence, I've made up my mind to make friends with the people from my class. There're a total of 140 students, I believe I can at least share the Good News with someone at this point of time. Yes, I've finally woken up..after being dazed and fazed by the 'finding the right uni and studying to reach that standard frenzy'.

I must do something, starting from tomorrow. Wish me all the best. And if you have been wasting your time (just studying!) like me, I suggest you follow suit. God will be more happy to see souls saved than you getting good results.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Sometimes, I wonder whether the children are the ones giving the parents headache or the other way round...

I'm sandwich-ed...

Parents are pressuring me to study, lecturers are alarming us with the number of days left to the exam date, "scolding" us for not being diligent enough, asking us to study at least 8-10 hours a day(!) Siau ar! and Friends, nevertheless, think you have no life, study too much, missing out on alot of stuff, etc...

What should I do?

Trying to balance between the two but still struggling and juggling time for both studies and social life.

God, help me.