Thursday, November 30, 2006


I don't know what's happening to me these days. Almost every night I've been dreaming of snakes gliding into my house. Scary I tell you!

I don't know whether it's a sign or a warning. These dreams are driving me wild as every now and then I would be checking around the house for any snake evidences. No kidding!

It became more frequent when my maid told us that she saw a baby snake curling itself near the pot outside our garden! And that was 1-2 months ago. From then on, I started to worry and have those dreams. It shouldn't be surprising as my neighbour's house which was just opposite was entered by a cobra! Fortunately the snake professionals managed to capture the snake.

I'm just praying that no such nonsense will happen in my house.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hope for a miracle

The trip to Singapore on saturday till tuesday was eventful.

On the first day, my family didn't really go anywhere, just visited my grandmother at her house.
That night, we prayed for her, hoping that she'll be able to walk again. I'm quite happy she hasn't given up on God yet knowing that she couldn't walk for nearly 2-3 years now. Still praying for a miracle to happen.
The next day, we went to see my cousin in NUS. It is beautiful.
The campus and the environment looked conducive, but one thing is that the room my cousin rented looked a little too small. Since that time, my father consistently brought up the topic of me studying in NUS. It never stops until now. Sometimes I think he should be the one enrolling in this university.
The following day was great. Bought a new pair of shoe in Queensway (have been going there quite often since we visited singapore) and a new pair of flip-flops. :)

On that night, my dad, mum and I attended a national healing campaign by Prophet T.B. Joshua. Took abt an hour to find the singapore national stadium as we decided to drive instead. Worse still, Prophet T.B. Joshua did not spoke until about an hour after he was scheduled to speak. Reason was because he arrived the stadium late. Never mind, more importantly was his message. It took about an hour which was pretty long and by that time I guessed some of the handicapped people were starting to feel tired as most of them probably have been lining up at the stadium in the late afternoon. Not to forget, my family did not eat anything for dinner
so we had to starve ourselves until we left.
The healing ministry started only at 10.45, but that didn't stop any of the handicapped from staying on. Our family managed to stay on until 11 and witnessed 3 people being able to walk again.
It was awesome!
My grandmother was supposed to be there too, but due to unforeseen circumstances she had to go on the next night. Hoping she'll be able to walk again soon.
That's about my trip to singapore. Ah yes, managed to do some evangelism to my aunty from Batu Pahat. I noticed her heart and mind is quite open now.

Praise God for that!

Still praying for another miracle to happen.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Are you Bond enough?

Have you watched the latest James Bond movie, Casino Royale?
Well, if you haven't, I recommend you to watch it. I thought it was quite good.

At first my family was quite hesitant to watch it knowing a not-so-good-looking guy will be replacing Pierce Brosnan for the role. We might not even watch it if not for the four free tickets my father had.

But after watching the show, I thought he isn't a bad actor after all. Although he's not as good looking as Pierce Brosnan, his acting proved me wrong about him and I know many of us thought that too.
Even my mum who's an avid fan of Pierce Brosnan came out of the cinema saying that he's quite good.

The part that I didn't really enjoy watching was when he(Daniel) tried to catch a villain in a construction yard. Can you actually imagine yourself standing on top of those sky-rocketting construction steels and jumping to a very much lower platform where the chance of you surviving is 0.01%?

Well, James Bond did pretty much that and he survived with just minor bruises. When I watched that part, it suddenly made me think that I was watching a spiderman movie instead, just that it's a different man.

But other than that, it was rather a worth watch.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What a day!

I wasted almost the whole day trying to set up my blog, creating links..
Now, finally, I'm done.
Well, not exactly done but at least I knew how to do it already..Phew!
So tired now.

Didn't know blogs can be so "mafan". But I'm glad I managed to do it, found out the real cause of it.
thanks for your help, friends!


What should I say?

What do I write?

Suddenly all these thoughts start flooding me. I'm lost for words...

After much hesitation and encouragement from friends, I've finally allow myself to indulge
in the world of blogging.

For weeks I've been thinking of creating a blog of my own but it never seemed to work.
Now that I've decided to blog, I have no idea what to say...sigh...

No worries...these thoughts and ideas will fill my everyday life eventually.
Anyways, I hope you readers will enjoy reading my blog. Post any comments if you want to.

If I have hurt you in one way or another, please pardon me for I am a new-comer...:)

Welcome to my blog.