Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I want to watch this show

I loooove Singapore hokkien shows. Their jokes are unbelievably funny. They even have a way of making you remember them. I don't know how they do it but they are good!
Go watch it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Seems like forever...

I have decided to cut short my Korea trip posts and summarise the remainder into 1 post :)

The reason is as my title above...

So here goes...

At the train station...

This was the train we sat to Pusan, another city. It is one of the fastest train in the world but still couldn't beat the world no. 1 in Shanghai...

The place where all the branded goods are... not cheap though. Best for window shopping :p

The best place ever in Korea! The newly opened (about 1 year plus) skiing arena called Tigerworld... no, there were no tigers..don't ask me...

my parents sitting on... what do you call tubes? Super fun! Dangerous though when one of our tour mates fell after her tube hit the curb and somersalted... terrrible... thankfully nothing serious happened to her but she suffered chest pains thereafter. I would still go for it if I have the chance:)

We celebrated the birthdays of two July babies and I was one of them.

The next day, we went to, not Disneyland or Neverland (where Mchael Jackson lives) but EVERLAND! It is somewhat like Disneyland although I haven't once stepped into Disneyland. It's the largest themepark in South Korea and it includes a zoo and a waterpark.

Then, we went into the safari where we got to see upclose the lions...

and the bears... and their cubs and the tigers, etc.

Where everything is made of ice... except the drinks of course.

The Nanta Show. If you haven't heard of it, it's ok. Cos I didn't know about it until I went there. It's basically a group of 5 people, 4 guys and a girl, armed with knives and other kitchen utensils performing an act themed "cooking for a wedding". They were hillarious and managed to leave the crowd in stitches.

I end my Korea post here with a picture of my family and the tour guides. The guy next to my father is the Korean tour guide who did not mention his name. Good looking, don't you think? :p Next to him is the other Korean tour guide called Linda and lastly our Malaysian tour guide called... are you ready for this? Please don't laugh after reading this... although it can be hard not to... (I hope she doesn't read my blog). Her name's Cavy... what's so funny about it, you think?
Surname... Tee. Go figure.

p/s: For more pics, visit my Friendster account.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hannah Yeoh: Called for such a time as this

Hannah Yeoh? Who's that? That was everyone's question before the election campaign earlier this year.

I didn't regret staying back after service last night to attend Hannah Yeoh's talk. In fact, I enjoyed it. She was truly a great inspiration to all of us who were there last night. She came with her husband in the midst of us eating dinner and when they stepped in, a few of us clapped but the others were either oblivious of who she is or not bothered (tsk tsk). Well, FYI, if you don't know, she's the state assemblyman (or woman in this case) for Subang Jaya.

Just as she was sitting there along with her husband, Ram and Marcel, I can't help noticing how familiar she looks. Then I realised she looks somewhat a little like Serena..hehe. Cheryl kinda agreed that she looks like Serena when the latter was in her Form 5. She also reminds me of Amanda Cheong (lol).

Her husband, Ram spoke first and in the course of him speaking, there was pin drop silence. No one made a noise and were listening to him intently. He talked about how he and Hannah got into politics, how they made into DAP, how difficult it was during the campaign and the challenges they had to encounter now after being appointed as a leader in their community. His side of the story was incredible and interesting in which I cannot explain everything here cos there's just so much that he had said.

Then, after the interesting speech my Ram, it was Hannah's turn to speak and since Ram took up most of her time, she dragged a little longer in which I was glad that she did. Her experience as an MP and being a devoted Christian at the same time really shook all of us who were sitting comfortably in our seats... Never did we imagine the difficult tasks she had to undertake and the challenges she had to face as a Christian MP. She told us about people who sent emails to her complaining about private matters involving the tree in front of their house, the drainage system, personal counseling, marriage problems, and even computer problems! I mean, who in their right mind would be so free to layan these emails? In my heart, I thought, if I were you Hannah, I would have just given up my post. I don't have that perseverance and determination which she has. But, she, like any normal girl would do, cried a lot, prayed a lot and still continued the journey God has in store for her. Who would have a thought a girl like her, a nobody, whom no one has ever heard of, would suddenly come up to be a leader in her community? She herself never thought of becoming one, but because of God's calling on her life, she obediently took up the challenge.

I felt trully inspired after last night and wanted to blog right away after coming home. I even had the title for the post formed in my head. I was inspired by her message, not to be a politician but inspired to be a blessing to our community.

An interesting young woman, I must say.

So, who wants to follow Hannah Yeoh's footsteps?

Monday, August 18, 2008

What have I been doing?

People have been asking me this question, "What have you been doing during the holidays?" or somewhere along those lines...
Then the next obvious question would be, "Not bored, meh?"
Honestly speaking, my answer is no. You must be thinking the same way as the others who have asked me that question. However, I can tell you that the word 'bored' was never on my mind during these 4 months... If at all, it was only for a second or two when I couldn't decide what to do. "How come?" you ask...
Well... I find my own things to do that's why. It's not that difficult to past time actually.., I can do without interning in a law firm although I wanted to earlier, but I got lazy so decided to stay home and enjoy my holiday fully before I start mugging in year 2 again...

Now, back to answering all your curiosity, this is how I spend my time.. but please you must promise not to laugh at my er... "activities"...

Firstly, I love reading.. if possible I could read a whole day on the same book. I'm currently reading a book borrowed from a friend called, 'The Innocent Man' by John Grisham. Interesting and a page-turner. Then, I read several Christian books too and no, I don't get bored of them either...

Next would be what most or not all of us are guilty of... using the computer! Yes, I spend a considerable amount of time on the computer, either playing games, chatting, surfing, blogging, or checking my mails... I'm cutting down the time spent on that too now so that I can spend more time doing other beneficial stuff.

Besides reading, watching tv is one of my favourite past times (I sound like I'm writing a 'My Favourite Hobby' essay). To be exact, watching chinese serials is my favourite past time :) You can call them 'Aunty' shows but I just love watching them. Among those I'm currently watching now are from Singapore, China and Hong Kong. Their gripping stories and dramatic tales always leave glued to the screen especially in the evenings. Therefore, I will either be out in the evenings or at home watching tv.

Ah, after enjoying for quite some time, I decided just last month to do something more 'beneficial' than just reading leisurely. I decided to start reading up on the Year 2 syllabus of the law subjects. Although I've not done much up to this day, I had a glimpse of what the subjects are like in Year 2 so it's not that bad, yea... :p

And of course, not to forget, I have been travelling! I went Redang, then to Penang and more recently to Korea! (which reminds me that I haven't finished posting my Korea trip..zzz..)

Last but not least, a holiday won't be a holiday without going out to the movies, ey?! Yup, other than staying at home I do go out too... u know... There was a time where I went to the moves every single week.

Yea, so with all the outdoor and indoor activities surrounding my life, how can I say that "I'm bored"? If you can find things to do, you won't get bored :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

recent findings...

1. My maid thinks she's an all-rounder (in other words, she thinks she's fat)

2. She is not eating much

3. Reason #1: She's afraid her boyfriend might not friend her anymore when he sees her (he will then just be a boy, not boy-friend...get it? Lol. i know. i-did-it-on-purpose-haha)

4. Reason #2: She wants to be like me as I'm thinner than her

5. She thinks twice before eating any meal

6. Sometimes the temptation is too great that she eats more than she ought to be eating

7. I'm eating more because of my maid

Conclusion: I'm just kidding on the last one.