Thursday, December 21, 2006

In Relentless Pursuit

I went for the first yc camp 2006 which was from the 14th to 17th and I can tell you that I had a good time there.

Never would I have thought being an official for games groups would be so interesting. On the first day, it was quite tiring as I had to line up bricks on the road for a particular game but in the end we did not manage to play it because of the rain. Wasted all our (me and other officials) efforts.

The second day was such a free day for me. I had the whole afternoon to myself. Since they had enough officials, I wasn't given a task at all.
Thus, I never felt so free in youth camp in my life. I even managed to take a shower when the games both outdoor and indoor were on.
So, you can imagine a whole bathroom to myself when everyone else is playing.

Oh, the third was the best of all. I was one of the make-up artist official for the "fashion show". No, I didn't put make-up for people. All I had to do was to require the artists to draw "someone" which can be anyone of our (officials') choice in order to receive something useful for their "fashion show". We get to pick the nicest drawings and reward them and I had a good laugh looking at the pictures drawn. There was once when they were supposed to draw Santa Claus, and some of the pictures looked like Osama bin Laden. So funny!!!

This year our speaker was Pastor Andrew Gray from Sydney. I really liked all his messages as they were clear and straight to the point. He wasn't "funny" like other Australian speakers from Adelaide, "ahem ahem". I'm not trying to criticise Adelaide speakers but I noticed many of them like to behave crazily when they're preaching. I can see some smiling and nodding their heads in agreement.
As I was saying, he did add some jokes here and there and he was being transparent without faking it.
His message on the first night on the Word really spoke to me as I hadn't been reading the Bible recently. It was awesome, the way he presented the message. The other messages were about being "someone" in the workplace and reaching out to the upper-class people, our purpose on earth and experiencing God's love.

I remembered an important phrase that he stressed on finding our purpose. It says, "Discover your primary purpose by doing secondary things". I'll always remember this phrase and make it my life-guide.

I'm supposed to post up pictures of the camp but I'm still waiting for Gloria to send it to me.
All poser pictures. Lol. Don't know why this camp all felt like posing for the camera.

Wait for my next posts for pictures of Bali and camp.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Camp tomorrow

Am I ready?

The answer is no.

Well, I just got back from Bali two days ago and am still in a holiday mood, thinking of the swimming pool, the malay food....? (think also jelak already)
OK, more about Bali in my coming posts.

The last time I went to Peacehaven was during College Camp. That was one camp I'll never forget in my entire life. It was my first time getting sabo-ed by a few YC friends cos it was my birthday and I almost killed someone the next morning. I was so clever not to suspect anything amidst when they approached me. Sigh... probably God allowed it to happen to me, huh.
But hey, don't get me wrong, I still love them. :)
After all, that's what friends are for, aren't they?

The link to watch the sabo-ing process is just beside my title.

I got to do some last minute packing now and be ready for camp!


Wednesday, December 06, 2006


For starters, the word NATO stands for "No Action Talk Only" and it applies to my life right now.
Before and during my final exam, I made a pledge to myself, full of confidence, to complete a list of tasks and activities.
Sadly, none of them were successful. Thanks to the "lazy syndrome" I inherited from my great-great-great-great grandfather.

This also explains why I don't blog everyday, not that I'm really busy anyway. For now, I just have to get my butt moving to where it's supposed to be before I can reap the fruits of my sowing.

But wait. I'm going Bali tomorrow for 5 days and camp the following week.
Oh well, looks like I just have to pospone my plans till after camp. What about Christmas?

Right, after Christmas it shall be.

Monday, December 04, 2006


I'm so bored I just don't know what to do.
Someone, entertain me!!!
No dvds to watch, no one to go out with, no one to talk to...:(

Maybe some reading will do me good...