Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time for an update!


One month has passed since I last posted. I'm seriously not a very good blogger... *sigh* Oh well. Anyways, I just got this sudden revelation that I've noticed over the years but have just ignored it over and over again. It's the fact that I keep asking my cg members about their lack of attendance on friday cg and saturday service. It's has become so natural to me that I sometimes scare myself everytime I ask questions along those lines. It's like an addiction. I wouldn't feel satisfied if I don't get an answer from them about their lackadaisical attitude on cg. Now, it hit me right there in the head when I was asked why I keep asking those questions everytime I see my members. makes me wonder if I'm the only leader or person who does that. But then again, I've been asking these questions even before I became a leader, during hf days.. ahh..that explains it.

For me, it's very simple. It's the commitment I see that has been lacking in today's youth. Not trying to boast about myself or what but I would like to proudly say I've been consistently attending friday homefellowships ever since my parents attended hf (I was 2 then). And even now in college cg, I've been a regular every Friday, even before I was a leader. Again, I'm not boasting. Just trying to emphasise the commitment I'd put in even at a young age. And this commitment is something I don't see much in today's youth.

I apologise if I have hurt anyone's feelings by this post but this comes from the bottom of my heart and I'm also speaking out on behalf of other leaders, who probably thinks the same way as me. What a way to start a new post after one month of absence huh. It's called letting out what has been bottled up in there for such a long time. Things I don't dare to say in front of people but willing to say in my blog.

Let's pray I have much better stuff to update about myself the next time.



Blogger Grace said...

preach it, sista!

I totally agree

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