Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Battle within me

But I think I'm right

Why can't you just agree with me?!

Why are you always against me?

I don't think so

Maybe you're right

I guess you're right

MSG : We can learn more from our critics than our admirers
Some tell us how wonderful we are
Others tell the truth (Prov. 27:6; Ps. 141:5)

I have yet to learn...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thank God it was just a dream

I had a dream last night, a nightmare or rather. I dreamt that I had 2 weeks to finish my assignment but I only managed to do it the night before the dateline. So, I was quickly rushing my assignment and I didnt know what the heck I was typing. Finally, that night I managed to finish it and went to sleep. The next day (as in in the dream), I woke up remembering that I had forgotten about Bibliography! Shucks! Now, I have to rush to college to do it! I have no idea why I had to go college to do it when I can actually finish it at home. Everything happened so fast, I got into a car driven by one of my SAM lecturers (don't ask me why or how) and she sped me off to college with my pajamas on. On the way to college, she drove rather recklessly and I remembered that she drove on paths that are illegal, which are not roads. Nevermind. When I arrived at the college, to my horror, all the computers were occupied except the spoiled ones. So, I decided to wait and I had like an hour more for submission. After awhile, some people started leaving the computers and I managed to use one of the computers. Before I could type anything, I forgot that I didnt have my assignment with me. Stupid me. Rush all the way here and left my asignment at home. The next best option was to call my mum to ask her to get it for me. When I called her, another tragedy happened. I FORGOT TO SAVE MY ASSIGNMENT IN MY COMPUTER THE NIGHT BEFORE. GREAT. I sat in front of the computer stunned for a second. Then I saw a classmate of mine, I asked him a stupid question just to make sure I wasn't dreaming (which in fact I was), "Today's the dateline for assignment right?" He said "YEA". I went back to sit and thought to myself, "This is not me... I'm not like that... What happened..? Why didn't I finish my assignment earlier? How can this happen to me..???" As I sat there questioning myself, suddenly I felt my eyes were like forced open and head turned to the other side. There I was looking at the ceiling of my bedroom. IT WAS JUST A DREAM. The first words that came out of my mouth was "Thank God it was just a dream", saying it at least 3 times. Gosh.

That dream actually happened to one of my friends before. Not exactly the same but similar and not so scary. All in all, it was scary too.

Moral of the dream is... DON'T PROCRASTINATE YOUR ASSIGNMENTS. You'll end up dreaming.. or worst still, experiencing the dream that I dreamt. If this were to happen in real life, I would have died.

Thank goodness no more assignments for this year. :)