Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hi, my little blog. It's about time I started posting up something about myself again here. I'm supposed to sleep now cos I feel sleepy but I thought of doing something I have not done in awhile first, that is blogging. I'm sitting in front of my laptop now wondering what on earth should I talk about here.

Ramblings. What do I ramble about then? My life isn't all that interesting for one. Everyday, I wake up, do my devotion, read the newspapers, eat my breakfast, bla bla and bla. I basically do the same things almost everyday. Not to forget playing CS is most of my time waster. I can't seem to get over shooting and killing people, terrorists for that matter. Maybe I'm patriotic after all. Lol. I'm a sadist. I like killing people and the joy of seeing my funds go up with each person being killed. Not a very good example of a Christian. Then again all boys who play CS and the likes are not good examples either. Whatever. Gamers. Sigh.

My application for the UK visa is done and I can collect it anytime. I was worried at first till I had to go to the toilet. It sounds stupid but it wasn't for me. I really thought it wouldn't go through. And I really have to thank God it did. It was like getting an A for a subject. That kind of feeling.

Talking about feelings. I'm really having some mixed feelings about leaving for the UK in about 3-4 weeks time? Wow. Time really flies. Doing the same mundane work everday can even make me feel that time is flying at top speed. Imagine that. Soon, I'll be waving to my parents and friends good bye at the KLIA ang tearing my way to the plane. Just a teeny weeny bit of excitement but a whole lot of anxiety. I know I've reminded myself so many darn times not to feel anxious just as the Bible says, but it's just so hard not to feel that way. Then again, I know God is in control of everything. I know I may still feel this way on the week of departure itself but I also know that it'll be over once I get there and everything's gonna be alright. I'll be fine. I know it. God knows it too.

I think I've open up quite a bit of myself for today. I should delete the game before I leave for UK. I know I should. I should stop killing people before I kill myself. Not literally, silly.


Blogger Chronopredator said...

Hey!! You leave earlier than me!! No fair!! :P Boooo!!! :)

Haha!! but i enjoy reading this post. All the best to you in UK stacey.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Chronopredator said...

God bless ya :)

3:45 PM  
Blogger yeongboon said...

hoi! no update at all for so longggggg......

2:10 AM  

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