Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Post-exam syndrome

Back to my incompetent and unproductive days...


one day after my exams and im so lazy that i dont feel like putting any punctuation marks and i just stayed home the whole day surfing the internet for singapore dramas so i can watch everyday because i love watching tv and i plan to go buy some dvds because i love watching movies too and i like to read so im going to read as much as i can till i get bored of reading and decide to go out instead to somewhere fun and that will kill my boredom there goes my unproductive life after exams and i just realised that im so random maybe because ive been studying so much all these while that i dont know how to type anymore and everything comes out like this isnt it fun to talk like this everyday without stopping i bet u must be reading like mad and you must be thinking that im mad too huh i told you its the exam stress which has affected my brain till im not able to think sanely anymore


my new favourite line these days


my another favourite tagline


my all-time favourite tagline


the best tagline of the year

then after i post this all of you will ask me if im okay especially yeong boon ahahahahaha i can laugh all day lalalalala i like being random and im talking to grace now and were so random because were stressed no shes stressed and im destressed yay im so happy exams are over i can go on and on about how happy i am because i dont hv to study for at least 4 months yay are you happy because i am and you should too i think im crazy or maybe because i havent been talking much that i think i should say everything out without because now im typing without stopping hahaha bluff you only la i did stop la because i still need to think of what to type ma why suddenly my english so not english okay back to english yes so im happy and thanks for reading this far you are trully a great friend to have since youre so patient with me because i know im just talking crap i hope you will enjoy my blog for the newcomers and dont forget to say hi when you visit all the best if you have exams dont be jealous because mine is over end of story till we meet again the next time i have more crap to talk

goodbye world

sorry for wasting your time by the way i dont mean it but i think i do haha


Blogger Grace said...


it's 4 am

I miss being random with u edy!

4:23 AM  
Anonymous sharmane said...

Wow. you ARE crazy!

1:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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