Thursday, August 27, 2009

TIme flies...

At first, I had 4 months left...I think to myself, that's still a loooong way to go...

After that, I had 3 months... no big deal...

Then, I had 2 months... and I'm like whoa! Ok, this is getting scary...

Soon, I'm left with a month... panic rushes in... heart starts beating faster... tears start welling up in my eyes...

And now, 2 and a half weeks to go...

And I'm crying my heart out...

God, help me pull through these difficult times...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hi, my little blog. It's about time I started posting up something about myself again here. I'm supposed to sleep now cos I feel sleepy but I thought of doing something I have not done in awhile first, that is blogging. I'm sitting in front of my laptop now wondering what on earth should I talk about here.

Ramblings. What do I ramble about then? My life isn't all that interesting for one. Everyday, I wake up, do my devotion, read the newspapers, eat my breakfast, bla bla and bla. I basically do the same things almost everyday. Not to forget playing CS is most of my time waster. I can't seem to get over shooting and killing people, terrorists for that matter. Maybe I'm patriotic after all. Lol. I'm a sadist. I like killing people and the joy of seeing my funds go up with each person being killed. Not a very good example of a Christian. Then again all boys who play CS and the likes are not good examples either. Whatever. Gamers. Sigh.

My application for the UK visa is done and I can collect it anytime. I was worried at first till I had to go to the toilet. It sounds stupid but it wasn't for me. I really thought it wouldn't go through. And I really have to thank God it did. It was like getting an A for a subject. That kind of feeling.

Talking about feelings. I'm really having some mixed feelings about leaving for the UK in about 3-4 weeks time? Wow. Time really flies. Doing the same mundane work everday can even make me feel that time is flying at top speed. Imagine that. Soon, I'll be waving to my parents and friends good bye at the KLIA ang tearing my way to the plane. Just a teeny weeny bit of excitement but a whole lot of anxiety. I know I've reminded myself so many darn times not to feel anxious just as the Bible says, but it's just so hard not to feel that way. Then again, I know God is in control of everything. I know I may still feel this way on the week of departure itself but I also know that it'll be over once I get there and everything's gonna be alright. I'll be fine. I know it. God knows it too.

I think I've open up quite a bit of myself for today. I should delete the game before I leave for UK. I know I should. I should stop killing people before I kill myself. Not literally, silly.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time for an update!


One month has passed since I last posted. I'm seriously not a very good blogger... *sigh* Oh well. Anyways, I just got this sudden revelation that I've noticed over the years but have just ignored it over and over again. It's the fact that I keep asking my cg members about their lack of attendance on friday cg and saturday service. It's has become so natural to me that I sometimes scare myself everytime I ask questions along those lines. It's like an addiction. I wouldn't feel satisfied if I don't get an answer from them about their lackadaisical attitude on cg. Now, it hit me right there in the head when I was asked why I keep asking those questions everytime I see my members. makes me wonder if I'm the only leader or person who does that. But then again, I've been asking these questions even before I became a leader, during hf days.. ahh..that explains it.

For me, it's very simple. It's the commitment I see that has been lacking in today's youth. Not trying to boast about myself or what but I would like to proudly say I've been consistently attending friday homefellowships ever since my parents attended hf (I was 2 then). And even now in college cg, I've been a regular every Friday, even before I was a leader. Again, I'm not boasting. Just trying to emphasise the commitment I'd put in even at a young age. And this commitment is something I don't see much in today's youth.

I apologise if I have hurt anyone's feelings by this post but this comes from the bottom of my heart and I'm also speaking out on behalf of other leaders, who probably thinks the same way as me. What a way to start a new post after one month of absence huh. It's called letting out what has been bottled up in there for such a long time. Things I don't dare to say in front of people but willing to say in my blog.

Let's pray I have much better stuff to update about myself the next time.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

May you be blessed

A wonderful worship song by the New Creation Church, Singapore and video following after of a 2 year old boy singing the song. I cried just listening to how lovely he sang.

May you be blessed by the words of the song and the videos.

Jesus my help, I call on Your name
I cast my cares on You
Jesus my hope, my tower of strength
My faith is found in You

Bearer of sin, afflicted and tried
You paid redemption’s price
Bearing my curse, You’ve set me on high
Your death has brought me life

I see You pierced, wounded for me
When I look to the cross, I see

I see grace, sealed by Your sacrifice.
I see love reaching for me
Precious blood, washes and sanctifies.
Healing flows, setting me free
I see grace

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I keep having the feeling that I've to study


I could only come up with two valid reasons.

1. I'd studied a lot
2. I'd studied too much

And I could make two conclusions out of the reasons above.

1. I'm a nerd.
2. I kiasu.

The worse conclusion may be both a nerd and a kiasu.

Whatever it is, I'm certain I'm number one. As with number two, I'm still hesitant to label myself that. Don't bother giving me that look.. I'm not.

That aside, I've been looking online for games that I can download and play for free. Yes, I like playing games but I'm not an avid gamer... only when I'm free.

Speaking of games, for those of you who didn't know, I used to play FIFA and other sporting games, C & C, RA, NFS, CS, Max Payne, etc. when I was young. Thanks to my brother, I enjoyed playing those games but never won any against him. I particularly enjoyed Max Payne, the game but not the movie although I haven't watched it (heard that it isn't nice). It seems odd everytime I mention that I play those games to a guy the first time.

Interestingly, what you should know if you are a guy is that, not all girls play barbie dolls and dress up when they were young. I, for one, am not one of them. I was the one playing "police", "masak-masak", football with my brother, cars, legos and of course computer/video games. I was the type who enjoyed seeing guys having fun playing their computer games than girls putting on make up.

Funny but interesting enough, I wasn't all that good with the computer games, and yet I enjoyed it so much I find myself going back to playing them even when I became older. Like now, if only I had those cds with me... or newer versions which are even better, I could relive my long lost hobby again. I can really understand how gamers can just sit all day long in front of the computer playing... it really is addictive... but thank God I'm not like them.

And thank God again, I grew out of enjoying so much of boy stuff and realised that I am a girl after all even though I had always wished to be otherwise. Too much information, I know.

At 13, where most teenage girls would fancy trying to put make up on their faces, I, for one, wasn't the least fascinated with such endeavours. I did not hate them nor did I like them. I just didn't think it was necessary to do such things for a kid my age.

Somehow I realise the more I continue on this, I know it will take ages to describe my life history. That's why I think I should just stop here and not let too much information about myself... It's just... not safe.

In case you're wondering. I'm still a girl. Duh.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Post-exam syndrome

Back to my incompetent and unproductive days...


one day after my exams and im so lazy that i dont feel like putting any punctuation marks and i just stayed home the whole day surfing the internet for singapore dramas so i can watch everyday because i love watching tv and i plan to go buy some dvds because i love watching movies too and i like to read so im going to read as much as i can till i get bored of reading and decide to go out instead to somewhere fun and that will kill my boredom there goes my unproductive life after exams and i just realised that im so random maybe because ive been studying so much all these while that i dont know how to type anymore and everything comes out like this isnt it fun to talk like this everyday without stopping i bet u must be reading like mad and you must be thinking that im mad too huh i told you its the exam stress which has affected my brain till im not able to think sanely anymore


my new favourite line these days


my another favourite tagline


my all-time favourite tagline


the best tagline of the year

then after i post this all of you will ask me if im okay especially yeong boon ahahahahaha i can laugh all day lalalalala i like being random and im talking to grace now and were so random because were stressed no shes stressed and im destressed yay im so happy exams are over i can go on and on about how happy i am because i dont hv to study for at least 4 months yay are you happy because i am and you should too i think im crazy or maybe because i havent been talking much that i think i should say everything out without because now im typing without stopping hahaha bluff you only la i did stop la because i still need to think of what to type ma why suddenly my english so not english okay back to english yes so im happy and thanks for reading this far you are trully a great friend to have since youre so patient with me because i know im just talking crap i hope you will enjoy my blog for the newcomers and dont forget to say hi when you visit all the best if you have exams dont be jealous because mine is over end of story till we meet again the next time i have more crap to talk

goodbye world

sorry for wasting your time by the way i dont mean it but i think i do haha

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


This makes me want to get back on the piano again... :)

If only I could play like him...maybe I could..maybe in my dreams... or in a million years...

Yes, I'm gonna hit back to the piano after my exams! Wheeeee...!