Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Joker

Yes, of all people I'm talking about The Joker. No, not the one played by Heath Ledger as the villain in the Batman movie. Don't worry. He's just... someone extraordinary, or weird rather. Not as weird as the psychopath Joker in Dark Knight but still weird in many other ways. Like the Joker in the Dark Knight, his presence is seemingly not very welcome in our household but in the name of God's love, he is still welcome to stay overnight.

Scrawny looking and not very hygienic, he is a person who never fails to amuse me whenever he's in town. Let me tell you something interesting. He came about 9 and paused at the front door of my house. As dad opens the door, he asks "Does the dog bite?" pointing to the obviously-artificial dog standing outside the door with a wooden sign 'welcome' hung around its neck. My dad, being the joker himself answered, "It doesn't bite everyone else, except you." It is always amusing to know how much his vision has deteriorated since his last visit.

Just this morning, while he was eating at the kitchen, he asked me, "How did you come?" Puzzled by his question, I looked at mum, she looked back at me and I looked to the maid. Three of us just shook our heads, amused. Either he has a really bad memory, forgetting who I am or he thinks I live somewhere else. Then, he talks to me about Law as if he's the lawyer. And how he tells me Law's not easy. Uh-huh.

I know I sound like I don't like him very much, which is an honest fact. You will understand once you see him or maybe I rather you not see him. Don't bother about getting to know him. You will just know what I mean. He's amusing in a not-so good way. You can feel it when he speaks. Don't stand too close to him, he might give u an unpleasant shower.

Interestingly, his demeanor is so different from any of us and it's odd to know that somehow he's related to me. I'm not telling who.


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